How to Support Women’s Health at Work

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How can women pay attention to their hearts when their lives are so stressful? They have a tendency to forget themselves while carrying a heavy mental load as they juggle performing well at work, taking care of their children, managing their household, staying desirable to their spouse or partner, etc.
In a podcast from Capsee, Prof. Claire Mounier-Vehier, MD, covered a number of topics related to women’s heart health. She also talked about workplace wellness and its benefits for performance while highlighting how corporate leaders’ views on the topic have evolved. This growing awareness is important because we often have a tendency to act like everything is going well, living in denial when it comes to our health. Prof. Mounier-Vehier emphasized how essential it is to take care of ourselves so that we can continue taking care of those around us in a virtuous circle of care.
Listen to the podcast in French: https://www.capsee.net/podcast/episode/c0975348/14-claire-mounier-vehier-accompagner-la-sante-des-femmes-sert-la-performance-de-lentreprise?lang=fr




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