How to Take Care of your Heart Before, During and After Pregnancy

On World Heart Day 2020, Prof. Claire Mounier-Vehier, MD, was a guest on the Magazine de la Santé show on France 5 and the Sans Rendez-Vous show on Europe 1 to talk about the need for attentive cardiovascular care during pregnancy.

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Remember that if a woman with a cardiac disease doesn’t receive appropriate care during pregnancy, the risk of complications for her baby is 15 times higher and her risk of death is 100 times higher. It is believed that cardiovascular adaptation during pregnancy is similar to high level endurance athletes. It's a bit like women running a marathon for nine months. At Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation, we know it’s critical that you take care of your heart before, during and after pregnancy. It’s even more important because complications during pregnancy increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease later, especially at menopause.
Watch the Magazine de la Santé replay starting at 15:03
Sans Rendez-Vous
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