How Domestic Violence Increases Cardiovascular Risks

Repeated lockdowns have highlighted the violence women and children are experiencing, which poses a high risk for an immediate of future cardiovascular event. Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation is raising the alarm about the short- and long-term consequences of these harmful situations with Dr. Jean-Pierre Houppe, a cardiologist who specialists in the effects of stress.

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In addition to psychological and emotional suffering, stress, anxiety, depression and suicide, domestic violence has many other health repercussions that aren’t as well known. This trauma contributes to cardiovascular disease when survivors develop obesity, high blood pressure, chronic inflammation and multiple addictions. Domestic violence sets the foundation for chronic illness.
At Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation, we believe in alerting women about the cardiovascular effects of domestic violence and protecting them. We also promote compassionate and peaceful education for children who will grow into women to help them build solid health capital.




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