How Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy Makes Maternal Mortality a Hundred Times Higher

To celebrate World Heart Day on September 29, Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation is highlighting the importance of cardiovascular care for women during pregnancy, something that is still too infrequently taken into account. If a woman with a cardiac disease doesn’t receive appropriate care during pregnancy, the risk of complications for her baby is 15 times higher and her risk of death is 100 times higher.

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Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation has compiled a list of 10 frequently asked questions for this important time in a woman’s life: before conception, during pregnancy, and after delivery with a special focus on women who already have a cardiovascular disease before becoming pregnant. Cardiovascular complications during pregnancy also increase the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease later in life, especially at menopause, so it’s critical that these women receive support and specific follow-up during this period. Download the press release




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