The National College of French Cardiologists

The National College of French Cardiologists (CNCF) a Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation partner that understands the medical and societal challenge of women’s health.

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Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death for women, with a significant increase among young women over the past five years related to negative lifestyle choices and exposure to specific hormonal situations.

To reduce female morbidity and mortality, we must act in advance through primary prevention.

The National College of French Cardiologists, which represents private clinic cardiologists, must be able to implement risk factor screening in collaboration with general practitioners and gynecologists if patients come for consultations. The organization can also support the development of structured gynecardiology care pathways that are available to women wherever they get care.

The National College of French Cardiologists supports Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation in its work to encourage women to see their doctors through activities that fulfill three missions (Alert, Anticipate, Act) and to save their lives.

Dr. Olivier Hoffman
Former president of the National College of French Cardiologists

CNCF spokesperson and communications manager




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