The French Society of Hypertension

The French Society of Hypertension (SFHTA) (www.sfhta.eu) is a Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation partner that has been involved with women’s health and prevention for many years.

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That’s because heart attacks and strokes don’t just happen to men!

Cardiovascular disease is still the leading cause of death for women, with a significant increase among young women over the past five years.

To act effectively and reduce female morbidity and mortality, awareness must be raised among women as well as doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals about the specific cardiovascular risks women face.

The French Society of Hypertension (SFHTA) has released several consensus statements about managing women’s high blood pressure at different ages. They can be downloaded at their website (www.sfhta.eu) and from our website: go to the About Us > Publications section.

Naturally, the SFHTA supports Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation in its work to raise awareness through its activities to alert, anticipate and act, supporting women as they manage their cardiovascular risk at three key hormone stages (contraception, pregnancy and menopause). We are putting SFHTA’s two consensus publications about high blood pressure among women online to share professional best practices and support health professionals as they manage female specificities related to cardiovascular risk.

By working together, we can effectively prevent this disease and save women’s lives.

Dr. Thierry Denolle, Past president of the SFHTA
Prof. Jean-Pierre Fauvel, President of the SFHTA




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