City of Lille

The City of Lille is doing its part to help Lille residents deal with health and social vulnerabilities.

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The City encourages people to take care of their health, their most precious asset, through health education and united, responsible, civic prevention. Most chronic cardiovascular, metabolic and respiratory diseases, as well as depression and addiction, are linked to our environment and can be prevented in 8 out of 10 cases.

The City has three main priorities:
- Impact health behaviors, support the most vulnerable and at-risk people by helping them regain the desire to confidently take good care of themselves.
- Help people regain interest in moving around by integrating physical activity into their daily routines.
- Continue creating an ecosystem of united, ethical stakeholders.

Significant activities will be conducted in partnership with Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation to address cardiovascular risks specific to women at three key phases of hormonal risk.




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Our Mission at Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation (Agir pour le Coeur des Femmes)

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