Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation’s Expert Scientific and Medical Ambassadors

Expert scientific and medical ambassadors are working every day to advance Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation’s three missions: Alert – Anticipate – Act.

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Every day, Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation shares its informational messages encouraging people to Alert, Anticipate and Act on the risks of cardiovascular events for women during the three key hormonal phases (contraception, pregnancy, menopause).

How does it work?
Health professionals are working every day to save lives by screening, treating and supporting women. They are cardiologists, vascular surgeons, general practitioners, gynecologists, obstetricians, emergency physicians, surgeons, and pharmacists. On a daily basis, they focus on improving gynecardiology healthcare at their practices in hospitals and clinics. They are helping to create Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation centers throughout France. They write news updates and short articles, and share stories from their patients on our website and social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more). Business leaders volunteer their expertise to bring information and prevention messages to arenas beyond traditional healthcare pathways to reach women where they are in their daily lives.

Who are our Expert Ambassadors?
Prof. Claire Mounier-Véhier, MD, cofounder and editorial content coordinator, specialized in gynecardiology and hypertension, vascular surgeon, European Center of Excellence for Hypertension, Heart and Lung Institute at University Hospital of Lille. Prof. Geneviève Plu-Bureau, MD, Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation gynecology expert, gynecologist specialized in hormone risks, Port-Royal AP-HP hospital in Paris. Dr. Nathalie Assez, emergency physician with SAMU du Nord emergency services, specialized in health education and therapeutic education, University Hospital of Lille. Dr. Nordine Benameur, emergency physician with SAMU du Nord emergency services, head of the Centre d’Expertise de la Mort Subite [Sudden Death Center of Expertise], University Hospital of Lille. Dr. Stéphane Boulé, cardiologist, expert in rhythmology, Lille
Dr. Christine Delavault, physician, specialized in medical biology, Paris.
Dr. Marie Fertin, cardiologist specialized in heart failure and pulmonary arterial hypertension, Heart and Lung Institute at University Hospital of Lille.
Dr. Céline Goémine, cardiologist, specialized in heart transplants and heart failure, Heart and Lung Institute at University Hospital of Lille.
Dr. Claude Kouakam, cardiologist, expert in rhythmology, Heart and Lung Institute at University Hospital of Lille.
Dr. Sandrine Kretz, endocrinologist, specialized in hypertension and hormonal risk at Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP hospital, Paris.
Dr. Paul Gherby, gynecologist and obstetrician, specialized in gestational hypertension, University Hospital of Toulouse.
Dr. Stéphane Manzo, specialized in interventional cardiology and women’s heart disease at Lariboisière AP-HP hospital, Paris.
Dr. Jean-François Renucci, cardiologist, specialized in prevention, Vascular Medicine Department at University Hospital of Marseille.
Dr Brigitte Tébéka, gynecologist, specialized in hormones and women’s healthcare, Paris.
Dr Jean-Michel Lecerf, Service Nutrition & Activité Physique, Institut Pasteur de Lille.




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