Foundation Signs Partnership with Un Rien C’est Tout

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Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation (Agir pour le Cœur des Femmes) has signed a partnership with Un Rien C’est Tout, a nonprofit organization that will produce a brochure about the cardiovascular risks women face. It will help women evaluate their situation and pay careful attention to their bodies at three key hormone stages: choosing contraception, going through pregnancy and entering menopause. A donation link will be featured on the La Redoute website to collect funds to create the brochure. Un Rien C’est Tout co-creates solidarity projects with social impact in collaboration with partner organizations working in France in four areas: health, human dignity, childhood and education, and environment.




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It is estimated that 150,000 women of childbearing age in France have a cardiovascular disease. If these patients don’t receive appropriate care during pregnancy, the risk of complications for their children is 15 times higher and their risk of death is 100 times higher. Pregnancy is a true [...]



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How Vasomotor Symptoms in Menopause are Linked with Cardiovascular Events




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