Annie, 64 years old

Retired (Pas-de-Calais, France)

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For several years, I’d been having heart rhythm problems lasting an hour at a time, three times per week. Then it increased to four days a week. It was an arrhythmia. Treatment wasn’t helpful. I had palpitations every day even if I wasn’t doing anything other than eating. It was an ordeal. I contacted a cardiologist who suggested an operation for my atrial fibrillation in 2018. Since that operation, I’m finally living again. I’m walking and doing abdominal breathing. I feel good. I’M SO GRATEFUL TO MY CARDIOLOGIST! I’m sharing my story on the Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation website so that it can help other women.




Flora, 39 years old

Baker in Villefranche de Rouergue, France

I had a huge shock when my daughter was born seven years ago. She was my second child. My first birth went smoothly, so I wasn’t worried about anything in particular. I worked until two weeks before my due date and was pretty proud of how my pregnancy had gone. When I got to the maternity ward at [...]



Amandine, 34 years old

Creative tailor (Mouscron, France)

I’m the proud mom of Eléa, our little eight-month-old medical miracle who arrived naturally after four years of failure with Medically Assisted Procreation and several failed in vitro fertilization attempts. I don’t drink. I smoke a little, around a dozen cigarettes per day. I started smoking [...]



Nathalie, 51 years old

Dr. A., an emergency physician, recounted the heartbreaking story of Christine, aged 46, and shared the experience of her son who wanted to send an alert to all women who don’t take good enough care of themselves. 1:28 a.m.: a call came into emergency services. “Come quick, it’s an emergency, [...]


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