Architect from Brest, France

Pascale, 43 years old

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“I didn’t have any chest pain when I had my heart attack. I had gastric pain deep in my sternum and I thought it was bad digestion. I also had pain in my back. I thought it was my spine, which had already been hurting. I tried to soothe the pain with a hot water bottle, but it still spread. I wasn’t worried, but one day I had to stop in the middle of climbing the stairs because I was too out of breath. I told myself I needed to stop smoking. But I never thought about my heart. At the time, I was stressed and not sleeping much. Then one day, I went out to run errands and felt an odd pain in both my arms. It wasn’t my muscles. I felt like something was pressing on me. I told myself it was stress. I took a pain killer and spent the rest of the day feeling quite unwell. In the evening, I had chest pain between my ribs, but I didn’t want to bother the emergency medical services with that. I woke up at 1 a.m. in pain and my daughter insisted on taking me to the hospital. They took an x-ray of my lungs and then an electrocardiogram. And then everybody rushed into the room. I was having a huge heart attack. They did a coronary angioplasty right away and put in a stent. If I had waited any longer, I wouldn’t be here anymore.”




Nathalie, 51 years old

Dr. A., an emergency physician, recounted the heartbreaking story of Christine, aged 46, and shared the experience of her son who wanted to send an alert to all women who don’t take good enough care of themselves. 1:28 a.m.: a call came into emergency services. “Come quick, it’s an emergency, [...]



Amandine, 34 years old

Creative tailor (Mouscron, France)

I’m the proud mom of Eléa, our little eight-month-old medical miracle who arrived naturally after four years of failure with Medically Assisted Procreation and several failed in vitro fertilization attempts. I don’t drink. I smoke a little, around a dozen cigarettes per day. I started smoking [...]



Charlotte, 26 years old

Student in Paris

“I was at Roissy airport after a long-haul flight. While waiting in the endless customs line, I had trouble moving my left leg. It felt terribly heavy and painful. It was worse than having my leg fall asleep. I had been drinking water and walking often during the eight-hour flight. I figured this [...]


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