Rosita, 68 years old

Housewife (Méteren, France)

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My name is Rosita. I’m 68 years old and for more than 35 years, I’ve suffered from various cardiac issues related to a malformed mitral valve. In 1998, I had a very successful mitral valve plasty procedure, but still had a stroke in 2012 after hastily completed thrombolysis. Fortunately, there were practically no after-effects from the stroke. Over the years, I’ve been feeling increasingly unpleasant effects from an arrhythmia that became truly intolerable in 2019 (shortness of breath, difficulty climbing stairs, extreme fatigue). Medication had no effect and was quickly replaced by an external electrical cardioversion that was successful but still insufficient. The next treatment option was an atrial fibrillation ablation. This term can inspire fear, but this intervention allowed me to get back to a nearly normal life without the difficulties of an arrhythmia. I’m sincerely grateful to my cardiologist for suggesting, clearly explaining and doing this intervention. It’s important to be able to discuss things with your cardiologist and understand your cardiovascular disease. I recently learned about the work of Women’s Cardiovascular Healthcare Foundation and I saw that women were sharing their stories on the website to alert others. I’m sharing my own story of living with a heart condition so it can help other women act now to effectively prevent cardiovascular disease!




Sophie, 47 years old

Business executive in Lyon

During lockdown, I was experiencing strange sensations. I called the paramedics right away and described what I was feeling. They told me I was having a heart attack. Fortunately, I was taken to the hospital right away and had two stents inserted. I was released after four days and started cardiac [...]



Sabine, 39 years old

Doctor (Rouen, France)

I had been taking combination birth control pills since I was 16 for acne and I continued to self-prescribe them. I didn’t have the time to see a gynecologist because I worked too much and had kids to take care of. I didn’t have any significant medical history, apart from a family history of [...]



Martine, 61 years old

Primary care doctor (Colmar, France)

I’m 61 and I love outdoor sports, the mountains and nature. Even my bout with breast cancer 30 years ago couldn’t knock me out of the game. Instead, it helped me heal. In 2017, during a period of enormous chronic stress due to family and professional commitments, I suddenly felt pain in my chest [...]


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